Toddlebike2 is planning a launch party on 27 November 2020 hosted by the Early Years Cycling Project in Camarthenshire.

However, not all two year old budding Toddlebikers will be able to join in in person so there is the chance for 50 UK Toddlers to join in with the ‘virtual’ launch event! The intrepid Toddlebike2 riders will receive their Toddlebike2 just before the launch and their job will be to thoroughly test their Toddlebike2 and report back via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Website or Forums) with as many photos, videos and messages as possible about their experience in the Toddlebike saddle.

But the Toddlebike2 fun doesn’t end there – take the Toddlebike2 out on as many adventures as you can in the following weeks and report back their progress with a final review being published on the Toddlebike website.

Please spread the word about Toddlebike's call for riders – they are looking for around 50 two year olds from every part of the UK and Ireland. For further details or to discuss any part of the Toddlebike2 launch you can call Jo Hockley on 07786 804547 or Email

In addition to a willing, suitably-aged child, you also need a £15 fully refundable deposit either via Paypal or cheque (that won’t be cashed). This is purely to ensure the return of the Toddlebikes at the end of the trial (you will also be given the opportunity to keep your Toddlebike2 at this point, in which case your deposit is simply kept). There is no time limit on the project – it is entirely up to you and your Toddler to take as much time as you like in the Toddlebike2 saddle be it weeks, months or even a year to post your write-up!