Get active for mental wellbeing

Being active is great for your physical health and fitness. But evidence shows that it can also improve your mental wellbeing. We think that the mind and body are separate, but what you do with your body can have a powerful effect on your mental wellbeing.

Mental wellbeing means feeling good – both about yourself and about the world around you. It means being able to get on with life in the way that you want.
Some scientists think that being active can help improve wellbeing because it brings about a sense of greater self-esteem, self-control and the ability to rise to a challenge. Physical activity is thought to cause chemical changes in the brain, which can help to positively change our mood. 

Being active doesn’t mean you need to spend hours in the gym, if that doesn't appeal to you. Find physical activities that you enjoy and think about how to fit more of them into your daily life. Cycling is an ideal activity to fit in to your day – cycle to work, the shops or as a family activity.

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