Isle of Wight Cycling Festival 2011
17th - 25th September 2011

Square to Square Charity Cycle Challenge

Author: Isle of Wight Cycling Festival, Dated: 07/07/2020

Every three years a team from the Isle of Wight, along with a support crew, complete a strenuous cycling challenge.

In 2005 a team cycled 1,014 miles in 14 days from the Isle of Wight to Prague, Czech Republic and in 2008 cycled 1,488 miles in 15 days from the Isle of Wight to Vatican Square, Italy; raising £10,000 and £76,500 respectively for charity.

In 2011 a team will embark on another challenge of 1,400 miles for each cyclist in 14 consecutive days; this time from the Isle of Wight to Gibraltar in October 2011.

The Square to Square Charity Cycle Challenge 2011 was launched on Tuesday 7 September 2020 at the Apollo Theatre, Newport, Isle of Wight.

The Square to Square Charity Cycle Challenge 2011 will see a Team cycle an estimated 1,600 miles in 14 consecutive days (an average of 120-130 miles per day for each cyclist) from St Thomas’ Square, Newport, Isle of Wight, Great Britain to Casemates Square, Gibraltar, in October 2011.

This launch begins twelve months of fundraising and promotion across the island for the Team and volunteers.

The Appeal to accompany the challenge is raising funds for two local charities: Barely Born, Isle of Wight Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, St Mary’s Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight and Isle of Wight Young Carers Project, YMCA Chosen by the SQ2SQ 2011 Team these charities will be the focus for the Team in their efforts to raise funds and complete the challenge.

8th September 2011
Great cycling prizes to be won.

Plus to celebrate the Cycling Festival Isle of Wight Tourism is offering one lucky winner the chance to take their family and friends on a fabulous cycling holiday for four on the Isle!
The Isle of Wight has been listed as one of the best cycling routes in the world!