Isle of Wight Cycling Festival 2010
18th - 26th September 2010

Quest 88 at the launch of the Cycling Festival

Author: Isle of Wight Cycling Festival, Dated: 16/09/2020


Quest 88 is delighted to be taking part in the Isle of Wight Cycling Festival which takes place on Saturday 18 September at County Hall car park, Newport.

The Quest 88 range of cycles and tricycles enable children and adults with many different levels of physical and cognitive ability to participate in cycling alongside their peers, promoting fitness, fun and inclusion. The cycling range includes fixed and freewheel tricycles, recumbents, hand-cycles, tandems, side by side and wheelchair tandems.  Cycles and tricycles from Quest 88 are available for all ages from two and a half years upwards and are suitable for people with moderate to complex requirements.

There are four models from the Quest 88 range of trikes on show.  The Kitten is the entry model and is designed for children from approximately two to five years of age and has a weight of 25Kg.  For children aged four to seven there is the Quest 88 Colt and Carousel which have a maximum weight limit for of 45Kg; while the Quest 88 Panther is suitable for children aged seven to twelve and has a maximum weight limit of is 65Kg, (all sizes are based on clothing sizes)

The fixed drive design of the Kitten, Colt, Carousal and Panther means that as the pedals rotate the drive wheel rotates and visa-versa creating momentum that assists with pedalling, an exercise that is very beneficial to children with low muscle tone and strength.  The key datum points on all Quest 88 tricycles are critical and give the rider the ability to maintain a good posture and an efficient pedalling action. For ease of storage and transportation Quest 88 tricycles can be separated into three parts. Every Quest 88 trike including the four on show can be fully accessorised to suit individual needs.  With so many accessories available the company recommends customers take advantage of its free assessment service – accessories include: hip and thoracic supports, footplate (sandals), ankle foot orthoses, chest pad, steering solutions, various handlebar styles and head pad. Frame colour options for the trikes on show include: blue, red, pink and purple.  Bespoke colours can also be ordered at an additional cost although delivery time may be slightly delayed.

For those children entering their teenage years Quest 88 has the Trici and Eclipse Tricycles, a stable and robust tricycle for children aged twelve and above which is fitted with a differential to make cornering even safer.  The Eclipse can be adapted with an array of support accessories to accommodate those with moderate to severe physical disabilities and is also a great tricycle for cycling projects because of its sturdy construction and low maintenance design. The "Switchable Gear" option offers a freewheel drive and fixed wheel drive in one tricycle which is ideal for cycle training for those who have difficulty in pedalling forwards.

For people with more profound mobility and learning difficulties wishing to take part in cycling with their friends or family the Draisin Plus wheelchair tandem is perfect, as it has been carefully balanced in order to make steering and pedalling as easy as possible.  The wheelchair unit can be disconnected from the drive part of the tricycle to enable the rider and passenger to go into shops or into a cafe whilst the rear drive unit is parked and locked. For increased manoeuvrability The Draisin Plus has seven forward gears and can be pedalled backwards and has a combined max user weight (rider & passenger) of 175Kg. 

Complementing these models will be the Duo three wheel tandem which provides a stable tandem riding experience and is suitable for people of all abilities who wish to cycle together.  The final model on show is the Shopi tricycle which follows the T-bike principle of having two wheels at the front and one at the rear.  The unique folding frame of the Shopi also means it can be easily stored when space is limited.

As well as designing and selling cycling solutions, Quest 88 is also a leading designer and manufacturer of therapy and rehabilitation equipment.  All Quest 88 employees have an in-depth understanding of physiology, position and posture all of which is put into the design of its cycles and accessories. Clinical understanding is what sets Quest 88 and its products apart from other manufacturers.

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This year's Cycling Festival launch is on Saturday 18 September, 10am to 4pm at County Hall car park, Newport.