Isle of Wight Cycling Festival
13th - 28th September 2014

Hills Killer

Sunday 14 September 2014

Advanced registration for the event has now finished but there are spaces available on the day. 

View 2014 competitor notes here

Results from the 2014 event will be available here.

The ride is made up of a series of checkpoints that are placed across the island, which will be identified by an Ordnance Survey grid reference and orange tape will be placed at each location. The co-ordinates for these check points will be given to you on the day.

On the day you will be issued with a number, a card with the control point locations and a SPORTident chip (Si-Card) that you will need to use at each checkpoint. This will monitor your progress and log your time around the course. Return the chip undamaged to us at the end of the event to receive your prize.

There will be a map with the control points set out for you to plot your route at the start. At each control point, place your chip in the box. Any missed or wrongly punched checkpoints will mean disqualification from the event. 14 Hills riders need to vist the control points twice.

Your recorded finish time will be when your Si-Card is inserted into the finish SPORTident box. It is NOT when you enter the grounds of the finish area. Downloads for the Si-Cards will not be available until 12pm.

Please remember that this is an orienteering event, and NOT a race. Riders are invited to enter the ride on the understanding that it is for personal achievement only.

All rides will finish at Lake. The 3 Hills will start at Chale Green, 7 Hills will start at Freshwater and 14 Hills will start at Lake.

Visit Isle of Wight, the Isle of Wight Council and Island Roads are pleased to announce that they have been successful in their bid to host one of the stages of The Pearl Izumi Tour Series.
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